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Recently on September 7, 2022, Google Algorithm updated its local search ranking. Google has updated and announced a few new things to be followed by the website
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Branndsjet digital marketing service stories Don’t Miss Out On Google Algorithm Updates.


Recently on September 7, 2022, Google Algorithm updated its local search ranking. Google has updated and announced a few new things to be followed by website owners between August and September 2022, like Google helpful content, and the September 22nd core update.

Let’s talk about what exactly Google helpful content is and what are the Google Algorithm updates.

Google helpful content- Google has named its big search algorithm update as Google helpful content, yes you heard it right. Google’s update will target content that is not benefiting people and rather only focuses on Google SEO.

The update will remove the content that has been written or posted for the sole purpose to reach and get on Google search engine rankings and has no helpful matter in it. The official statement was, ‘This update will tackle the website pages and content that have primarily been out there for top rankings in web page rankings and SEO engines’.

The helpful content update will make sure that low-quality and unoriginal content will not rank highly on Google search engines and Google algorithms. So, if your content and web Google pages have been written to drive traffic and SEO then you must be careful and make changes. In my opinion, this Google update will change how website owners and agencies will lay out their SEO strategies forward.

Google’s core updates- The September 2022 broad core update of Google started on September 12. This Google update was followed by the completion of Google helpful content. Instead, of getting a fifth product review update we got a core update which is surprising.

Some  SEO community shows a 20%-60% drop in traffic on the website and web pages and lower rankings on SEO. It will target all types of content. It is not a penalty instead it promotes or rewards web pages with great content and Google page speed. It is a global Google update, impacting all regions and all languages. The impact of the update is wide and fast but no number can be estimated of how many Google searches and queries are affected. Keep in mind the core update impacts Google Discover, snippets, search, and other features.

7 things you should do as a website owner in compliance with Google People’s first content update.

Stick to you’re your area of expertise – Stick to your area of expertise don’t write content about a niche just to get on SEO. Content that has no relation to your niche will not help visitors but instead, drive them away. Give a piece of comprehensive and substantial information about what you know, this makes an impression on the readers that you have facts and the right information about the topic.

 Show first-hand experience in your content- Create the content on topics that you know about, you have researched well about or you have a personal experience of. Make sure you have in-depth knowledge about the topics, for example, if your website is about fitness you must know about exercise, how the body works, and other information. Creating content for SEO that has affiliated links with products and services you have no personal experience which is a  waste of time.

Don’t focus on every topic and niche- Your website needs to have a purpose and primary niche. You cannot combine too many topics and try to give it all to the audience. It does not help visitors and Google’s search engines also get confused on websites with too many niches and different keywords leading to low-level ranking. 

Create a website on one topic or one area. You always have the option to create multiple websites to make content on different topics. The main question that Google is asking is, Do you as the website owner try to touch on multiple topics in hope of that some might perform well?

 Provide sufficient and right answers to questions – Create content that answers all the questions and meets all the needs of the reader, the reader should feel like they have learned enough about the subject and needs no more information. Google Updates states that content should teach people something and help them achieve their goals.

Writing content for Google’s search engines can make it longer without having any meaning to it. You should answer people’s concerns and questions for which they have visited your web page in the first place.

Focus on overall reader experience – If someone is reading your content they should leave with a satisfying experience. Google reminds the website to work on its web page speed, images, writing, and topic to focus on the overall reading experience of the reader.

You should not only meet the criteria of SEO algorithms but meet the expectations of the reader. Text and visual images, speed, and readability increase the overall experience of the visitor. The visitor should not leave looking for more from your page.

Don’t provide false information – Your content should not promise to answer questions that in reality have no answer simply don’t answer the questions rather than provide false information. For example, many websites answer a question about the release of TV shows, products, and movies that are not confirmed yet.

Google updates are warning websites with content that is not factual. Provide a disclaimer or come clean when you are touching on a topic that is rumored. It not only complies with Google’s helpful content updates but increases the trust of your readers.

 Follow Google’s updates and policies- keep in mind the core updates, guidelines, and policies while creating and posting content on websites. Complying with the guidelines will show you results and keep you on search pages.

At last, Google suggests asking yourself questions like:

  1.       Does the content provide original answers, analysis, reports, research, and information?
  2.       Does the content provide comprehensive and substantial information about the topic?
  3.       Does the headline/title is descriptive and not exaggerated?
  4.       Is the content written by experts know the topic?
  5.       Does the content contain factual errors, spelling, and stylistic mistakes?
  6.       Is the content full of ads that may distract readers?
  7.       Is the website mobile-friendly, and has a fast web page speed?
  8.       Does the content genuinely serve the needs and interests of people?

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